Let us handle all your “oops”, “uh ohs” and “did that really just happen?”

What if your business is sued, has property damage, or is hacked? What if you’re an individual wading through auto insurance options? What if insurance sounds like a foreign language to you? Qué?

Stay Informed

We are keeping up with the latest on Healthcare Reform.

It’s something we like to do…really!

The Blog Dawg – Sneak Peak

Close Coverage Gap with Pennies, Save Thousands

Over the more than 10 years I have issued homeowner policies for my clients, I have alerted them to a certain gap in their coverage that leaves them responsible for thousands of dollars in potential damages. But there is a simple, low-cost solution.

Valuable Resources for HR Answers

ThinkHR is a valuable resource that GHB Insurance provides all of our employee benefits clients. Nearly 100 of those clients have put it to good use on important HR matters worth more than $104,000 over the course of one year.

Small Business is Target for Cyber Attacks

Cyber Attacks and Data Breaches are a scary subject for any business. At GHB, we know there is a fine line between informing people and just, plain scare tactics, but we want to be sure owners know the real risks their businesses face today.
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