6055 and 6056 employer medical plan reporting

January, 2015

REQUIRED REPORTING:   Starting in January, 2016, insurance carriers and/or employers will be required to provide special “coverage” forms to employees, as well as file these with the government. These will be for data collected for every month during the 2015 calendar year. There are two different sets of data required: Section 6055 Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) reporting and Section 6056 (ALE) Applicable Large Employer reporting. The quick overview for employers – if you have a self-funded plan you are required to provide 6055 MEC reporting; if you had 50+ full-time equivalent employees on average in 2014 you are required to provide 6056 ALE reporting. If you fall into either (or both) of these categories, our articles below will walk you through the details of these reporting requirements.

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