Valuable Resources for HR Answers

ThinkHR is a valuable resource that GHB Insurance provides all of our employee benefits clients. Nearly 100 of those clients have put it to good use on important HR matters worth more than $104,000 over the course of one year.

Small Business is Target for Cyber Attacks

Cyber Attacks and Data Breaches are a scary subject for any business. At GHB, we know there is a fine line between informing people and just, plain scare tactics, but we want to be sure owners know the real risks their businesses face today.

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Welcome to our Blog Dawg!

Each one of the GHB Staff knows a lot, and we want to share that expertise with those who consider us as loyal and trustworthy as man’s best friend!

Slice Thousands Off Medical Bills

Experts tell us that more than 90% of medical bills have savings opportunities somewhere in them. The trouble is that for most people, it can be difficult to know where to find them.