Close a Coverage Gap with Pennies & Save Thousands

by Tom Lally, GHB Personal Lines Insurance Agent

Over the more than 10 years I have issued homeowner policies for my clients, I have alerted them to a certain gap in their coverage.  Most people don’t know that their Homeowners Insurance generally does not cover underground water and sewer pipes leading to the street, well or septic tank, leaving homeowners responsible for thousands of dollars in potential damages. But there is a simple, low-cost solution.

A homeowner’s policy covers loss from sudden or accidental water discharge, and it applies to the pipes in the home only.  Once the pipes leave the house (water, sewer lines) they are no longer covered under the Homeowners policy.  Most Homeowners policies offer Optional Coverage for loss caused by water that backs up through or overflows from a sewer, drain, or sump pump or any system on the home’s premises designated to remove sub-surface water from the foundation area.  But it is important to note that this coverage is for water that has backed up in those pipes, and does not cover the pipes themselves.

Any one or all of the following can cause damage to underground pipes:

  • Invasive Tree Roots
  • Ground Shifting and Settling
  • Poor Installation of the Pipes or Aging Pipes
  • Corrosive Soil
  • Seasonal Changes

As a homeowner, you are responsible for the water, sewer service lines that run from your home to the municipal connection or the water, sewer service lines that run from the well head or septic intake.

Estimated cost to repair can vary from $1,800 to $4,200 for water lines, and $2,500 to $4,900 for sewer lines.

For pennies each month a homeowner can rest easy by adding Water and Sewer Line Protection. 

GHB Insurance offers a plan that will address water and sewer line repair up to $5,000 for each line with no deductible on the coverage. Service includes a 24-hour Emergency Response by locally-approved contractors as well as a 24/7 Customer Service Hotline.  As a homeowner, you can purchase one or both lines of coverage.

Water Line Protection as low as $3.99 a month and Sewer Line Protection as low as $5.99.  An annual payment option is available as well.

This gap in coverage can be addressed as quickly as a phone call.  If your home is surrounded by large trees, or your home is over 20 years old, adding this coverage would be a wise idea.

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