T’was the Fourth Quarter Season…

‘Twas the 4th quarter season in GHB’s halls,
As barely a whisper was heard through its walls.

The staff was pacing by the fax machine beds
While visions of GMAs danced ‘round their heads.

Bent over their emails they pleaded with groups
While the agents danced wearily through carrier’s hoops.

The stress level rose and then rose again.
Carrier’s deadlines loomed just ‘round the bend.

But then something stirred in each agent and staff
First someone giggled then someone laughed.

We looked up from our desktops and blackberry phones,
A sigh of relief replacing the moans.

And what to our wondering eyes did appear?
An amazing team that had been there all year.

We rallied together with support and good will,
And made it through 4th quarter, despite the reform bill.

It was then that we realized, through all of the fuss
That GHB’s not a “me”… GHB is an “US”.

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