Eliminate or Reduce Medicare Part B Penalty

by Jan Cammack, Broker and Medicare Specialist at GHB Insurance

Do you know anyone who is paying a Part B penalty for late enrollment?  If so, you need to read this…

There is a lot of confusion out there about Medicare and the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and when you need to sign up for Medicare.

Many individuals enrolled in health insurance through the ACA believe that they are covered by insurance and do not need to enroll in Medicare when they turn 65 and become eligible.

This is not the case, however and because of this confusion, many have found that they are now past their Medicare enrollment period, are not being allowed to enroll right away and are being charged penalties when they do enroll.

Because of the confusion and the ambiguity around Medicare Enrollment and the ACA, the government is offering to waive the penalties at this time if you fall into one of these categories.

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