GHB Insurance Goes to Washington to Talk Healthcare

Staff member to give “on the ground” feedback to Congress

GHB Insurance’s own Casey Meehan is participating in the National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU) 2018 Capitol Conference this week. As the president-elect of the regional chapter of the Association, he will be visiting Congress members to address positive solutions that will contribute to a stable, competitive and efficient healthcare insurance market.

As a staff member here at GHB, he also brings with him stories of the impact of the nation’s legislative agenda from our very own customers here. We recently sent out the following email to about 400 group benefits customers asking for their stories on how the current healthcare issues have impacted them.

We think it’s important to continue to be part of the Healthcare conversation…

GHB Insurance is pleased to have our Individual Market Specialist, Casey Meehan, attend the annual legislative conference for National Association of Health Underwriters (our industry’s professional association) in Washington, D.C. from February 26-28. Casey is the president elect of our local chapter and will be taking this opportunity to present meaningful solutions to our national policymakers to improve the cost of health insurance and reduce the burdens placed on businesses and individuals across the United States.

Some of the issues affecting businesses that we know are being debated this legislative session involve preserving/overhauling the employer exclusion, eliminating the Cadillac Tax and easing ACA reporting requirements.

However, as Congress continues its debate on the future of our healthcare, we feel it is extremely important that our representatives in Washington, D.C. hear what is going on with you and your employees so that they gain some common-sense perspective.

If you have input or a story that you would like Casey to share, please respond to this email by Friday, February 23rd. He will pass along your feedback during his meetings on Capitol Hill with our Senators, Representatives and their staff.

In addition to talking to our elected representatives, Casey will be attending educational sessions about benefit and policy trends that will include:

  • Key briefings from the national policy staff and association leadership.
  • Presentations from congressional leaders, insurance executives, and other key policy makers on what to expect in the ongoing changes to health reform.
  • Breakout meetings that will cover level funding, reinsurance, single payer, Medicare, compliance, and more!

We believe that our voice truly does make a difference. We appreciate your participation and we look forward to sharing more information with you upon his return.


Ron Bruchet
GHB Insurance

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