Business Owner Partners with GHB to Solve Healthcare Challenge

Kevin Leneker

Business partners wit GHB

Like so many business owners, providing healthcare for his employees had been challenging for Kevin Leneker. He had been through the whole healthcare renewal process three times and ended up with the same plan, without added value to the company and his employees…until now.

Significant Savings, Better Benefits

“Thank God I found GHB, it was a huge win,” says Leneker, the owner and CEO of Single Handed Consulting, Inc,  a company that helps people with injuries or disabilities get back to work.

“I have saved 14 to 15 percent compared to our previous healthcare plan and we now have a better benefits package. Some of those savings, I have given right back to my employees with a small life insurance policy.”

A former owner of a construction company for 15 years, Leneker describes his current consulting business as a “whole different animal.”

“I had always had one insurance broker. They had been great, but they didn’t specialize in healthcare. They gave me some choices to pick from, but I was trying to run and build a company and I had no idea how to tackle healthcare. We just needed experts to help us solve the problem.”

Problem Solved!

Providing great employee benefits is a high priority for the business owner.

“My employees are our single, greatest asset. Not only am I  tasked with making business choices that are sustainable–whether we can afford them–but also with providing the best healthcare benefits. We just knew there had to be a better solution.”

He credits his accounting manager for helping him find GHB.

“We had contacted other insurance companies, but when we sat down with Ron and his group, it became quite obvious that they would be a true partner–I wasn’t getting sold anything.”

Leneker says he is methodical and doesn’t make major decisions quickly.

“I am the customer people often don’t like because when I make a decision that affects 30 people, I have to think about it and know everything I can. Show me from a business standpoint what makes the most sense for me and what I want to do for my employees.”

Leneker says the team at GHB could actually explain to him, in detail, what his options were and how they impacted his business and the quality of healthcare for his employees.

“GHB is a genuine partner. They are truly taking something off of our plate allowing us to focus on our mission of helping people get back to work.”

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