Applauding a Customized Insurance Quote from GHB

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The following was taken from a newsletter written by Jeff Devlin, a loan officer (NMLS #418963)  with Academy Mortgage in Lacey, WA. 


For me, shopping for insurance is a close kin to “fingernails on a chalkboard.”

They seem to raise the rates every year without any claims, change in credit, etc.  So, after receiving a new policy, I was forced to do a little self-torture and started shopping.  I checked every online company and found that some were cheaper for cars, but the home would be higher and vice versa.

I wound up frustrated, confused, and was ready to give up the search and settle for sticking with who I had.  Then I remembered a recent deal we had where the house needed flood insurance and Tom Lally at GHB Insurance had helped out with not only the flood, but the home owners as well (with smiles all around.)

Given that I’m geared towards “immediate response” as most of us are (darn smart phones and laptops), I didn’t like that I couldn’t just plug my info into their web site and get an instant result/response.  So, I emailed him our policies and waited till the next day where I got 2 new custom quotes.  To my amazement, the little extra time saved my family close to $750 a year!

The point of this isn’t to boast about saving $ nor to simply give Tom or GHB a shout-out (I do highly recommend him/them BTW); but rather, it’s the whole process which lead me to Tom and GHB.  You see, I like so many consumers, trusted my finances to online shopping rather than taking a little time to get a customer-tailored package. It mirrors what we see with the lending world.

I appreciated the help I got from GHB. Because like GHB, it is all about personalized service at the company where I work – Academy Mortgage.

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