Our People Make the Difference

It takes all kinds to sell insurance. Just get a load of our team! Cat people, crazy football fans, sassy, smart, penny pinchers, skiers, tech-savvy, sleuths, you name it.

The common denominator – our absolute passion for helping our clients understand this crazy thing called insurance. Dare we say it, we are insurance junkies.

Benefit Agents

We don’t believe that our 80+ years in business, the initials after our names, or the number of carriers we represent are why you choose us as your agent. Ultimately, it’s us. Our passion. Our drive. Call it tenacious, call it “that little dog that won’t stop yapping.” We’re always working on your behalf to get our carriers to sharpen the pencil.

Benefits Support Team

On a day-to-day basis, our Client Service Managers are your first line of defense, answering questions and solving problems. Who ya gonna call? Our Claims Busters! But don’t let their title fool you. They also have their ear to the ground and their spreadsheets at the ready, gathering all the data needed for your Agent to go to battle with your carrier on plan design and rates.

Individual Medical, Life & Medicare Team

Exchange or direct coverage… deductibles and coinsurance… Medicare Part A, B, and D…. what???? Ever try to find insurance coverage on your own? Bet you’ll never forget the hours of frustration. Don’t even go there. Our team does the legwork for you – and finds you the best coverage to fit your lifestyle.

Home, Auto & Commercial Team

Bad things happen to good people. No one plans for a car wreck, house fire, or business theft. But even worse things could happen to people who don’t have insurance. When it comes to covering your assets, our team is right behind you.

GHB Support Team

What’s a family without its foundation? GHB certainly has a stable base, and it’s because of the people behind the curtain.

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