Benefits Support Team

Cheri Councill Bio

Born and raised on the East Coast, Cheri moved to Washington in 1998. She loves spending time with her two dogs, Autumn and Milo, and fondly refers to them as her “Fur-Children”. Cheri loves to cook, garden, read and even loves coloring! Cheri’s nurturing personality definitely carries over to her clients!

• 20 years in the insurance industry
• Worked for both brokerage side and carrier side

Client Service Manager
office: 360.943.4500
fax: 360.943.4502

April Gedney Bio

This Washington native tried out Arizona for a while, where she started her career in benefits. But the rain drops beckoned and she left the desert and cactus behind. Back “home” since 2010, April continues to travel back to Arizona once a year to see the Seahawks play there (smart cookie!). She refers to her passions as “the two F’s” – Family and Football. Her passions spill over to insurance world, since she considers all her clients family!

• More than 13 years in the group insurance industry
• 8 years of COBRA administration
• Supporter of Seattle Children’s Hospital

Group Benefits Director
office: 360.943.4500
fax: 360.943.4502

Amy is our newest Washingtonian. Born in California, but raised in Alaska where she lived more than 40 years. She made the move to Washington to be closer to family, especially her daughter MacKynzie who is now attending WSU. GO COUGS!

Prior to making her move, Amy spent all of her spare time as a cheerleading coach for both High School and POP Warner. She loves working with children of all ages. Her philosophy on coaching isn’t just about the sport, it is about teaching accountability, self-worth and of course HAVING FUN. Don’t be surprised if you saw her on the field goofing around with her “littles” doing cartwheels and backbends. Her squads lovingly referred to as Coach Mama Bear.

Amy brings that Outgoing Mama Bear personality into her work life as well – even doing cartwheels if needed to make sure her clients are well taken care of!

Dual Licensed in both Property and Casualty and Life and Health
More than 30+ years in the insurance industry
Licensed in multiple states

Client Service Manager
office: 360.943.4500
fax: 360.943.4502

Tonya White Bio

When Tonya’s not in the office answering phones or processing applications, she is at home taking care of her family and tending to her farm. She is always on-the-go whether it’s running from her pigs or rounding up the kids for dinner (can’t you just picture her ringing a dinner bell?). When she does have down time, you’ll find her fishing on the river. Tonya’s ability to “juggle it all” certainly helps keep things running smoothly in the GHB office!

Client Service Manager
office: 360.943.4500
fax: 360.913.4502

Dawn Delmark Bio

Dawn’s our far flung employee – she moved away from Washington, but not away from GHB! She loves to laugh (after all, laughter is the best medicine). But when it comes to working for what you need, Dawn doesn’t joke around. She’s a terrific advocate and will work on your behalf until your insurance needs are met.

• More than 8 years in the insurance industry
• More than 2 years as a Micro Group (1-4 employee) specialist
• Works closely with her husband, who is a youth pastor

Client Service Manager
office: 360.943.4500
mobile: 360.359.1180
fax: 360.943.4502

Brandi Rathjen Bio

After a 16-year hiatus from the Pacific Northwest (in Texas of all places), Brandi convinced her entire family to move back with her. You’ll now find her playing at all the local parks with her Golden Retriever & Black Lab now that they can be outside without melting in the 100 degree heat. She’s got the patience and the tenacity to work out any issue that may arise in this place we call insurance.

• More than 20 years managing data and providing stellar service
• With GHB going on 5 years
• Volunteers at local food banks, at an abused horse ranch,
and setting up fundraising auctions

Benefits Analyst
office: 360.943.4500
fax: 360.943.4502

Jason Gedney Bio

Jason is the newest Analyst that we’ve added to the GHB family. He was born in CA but grew up in the Pacific Northwest and has called Washington “home” for over 30 years. He lives for the Seahawks and for the football season, but don’t worry, outside of football season he settles for golf! During his spare time you’ll find him at the gym, grilling in the backyard, enjoying “Papa” time with his granddaughter, taking a road trip with his wife, or doing yard work. We like to tease him about what a perfectionist he is about his lawn, but then again, he carries that same work ethic into his role at GHB, so no complaints here!

Benefits Analyst
office: 360.943.4500
fax: 360.943.4502

Jen Craig Bio

While Jen is our numbers gal, she secretly loves words too (she was a literature major!). To escape after a long day at work, Jen spends a lot of time cooking up new dishes in the kitchen. She an follow a recipe step by step, or can tweak it and create something even more fabulous. Comes in handy when dealing with insurance, since there rules to follow but the chef can sprinkle in some complementary programs, alternative funding and employer contribution strategies to come up with a masterpiece.

• More than 23 years in insurance industry
• Specialty in funding alternatives, including self-funding, merit rating and level-funding

Senior Benefits Analyst
office: 360.943.4500
fax: 360.943.4502

Shayle Armstrong Bio

A born and raised Washingtonian, Shayle is a vibrant person who fell in love with the insurance industry three years ago. Always putting customers first, like family she is constantly striving to be the perfect model for whatever hat she is wearing. When she is not at work She is with her family, teaching, crafting or traveling. You can even catch her snuggling with her Bloodhound or her Sphynx. She is not always quiet though, taking up motorsports and drifting she is also adventurous and not afraid of accelerating through life sideways.

Enrollment Coordinator
office: 360.943.4500
fax: 360.943.4502

Destynie Myer Bio

Washington, born and raised – Destynie loves her Seahawks, her husband and two cats. Outside of work, she likes being at home with her hubby and family, cooking/baking or snuggled up with a good movie. During summer months you’ll find her camping, or traveling – she loves a good road trip! Destynie never backs down from learning new things. She enjoys meeting new people, hearing their stories and being helpful wherever she can.

Account Coordinator
office: 360.943.4500
fax: 360.943.94500

Sandy Wood, CEBS Bio

Sandy’s our numbers geek – she never met a spreadsheet she didn’t like. She’s the perfect insurance agent, always crunching the numbers for you. Don’t ask her if she wants a cat, she’s already one cat short of being a crazy cat lady. Her up-to-date articles are some of the best in the industry. Look for them on our website.

• More than 25 years of experience in the insurance industry
• Holds her CEBS designation (Certified Employee Benefits Specialist)
• 2012 Governing Council President, ISCEBS (International Society of Certified Employee Benefits)
• 2013-2017 CEBS Committee Member, IFEBP (International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans)

Benefits & Compliance Consultant
office: 360.943.4500
mobile: 206.669.3345
fax: 206.770.6509

Rick Rosaaen Bio

Rick began his underwriting career on the carrier side in 1988 and over the years worked his way into upper management doing actuarial work, contract work and underwriting. Rick is well versed on all aspects of large group insurance including fully insured, self-insured and risk management. His passion surrounds educating the decision makers regarding their plans, their risk and their history to make informed decisions rather than reactionary ones.

In his spare time, Rick enjoys his family, travelling, biking, golfing, music and a good beer. When not out travelling the world, riding his bicycle, golfing or playing the guitar, Rick is crunching numbers and building models in Excel to assist clients in proactively understanding and managing their risk. .

• More than 28 years overall in the industry
• 13 years in underwriting/actuarial leadership positions for local carriers
• Past United Way Loaned Executive
• Past Cub Scout Assistant Pack Leader, VP of Soccer league and coaching

Claims Analyst
office: 360.943.4500
fax: 360.943.4502

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