Exiting a PEO: A Checklist of Considerations

As your company grows and changes, there are some common reasons why exiting a PEO might be the right decision. Here is a checklist of things to consider.

Washington State Paid Family and Medical Leave (PFML)

The Washington State Paid Family and Medical Leave premium payroll deductions begin on Jan. 1, 2019. Here is what you need to know.

GHB’s WA Healthcare Series, Part 3: What Do Election Results Mean for Healthcare Legislation?

In Part 3 of GHB’s WA Healthcare series Casey Meehan provides perspective of how the mid-term elections may impact U.S. healthcare legislation.

GHB’s WA Healthcare Series, Part 2: Changes to Short-Term Medical Insurance in WA State

In Part II of GHB’s WA Healthcare series, find out what is happening with Short-Term Medical insurance, nationally, as well as here in Washington State.

Applauding a Customized Insurance Quote from GHB

After a frustrating online search, this business professional contacted GHB for an insurance quote. He not only got a significant savings, he applauded the customized service he received.

GHB’s WA Healthcare Series, Part 1: Will health insurance be required in 2019?

GHB’s Casey Meehan explains some changes in the Affordable Care Act. and how it may affect health insurance in 2019.

Business Owner Partners with GHB to Solve Healthcare Challenge

For so many business owners, providing great healthcare for employees can be challenging. Here is one business owner’s experience and the solutions he found with the help of GHB.

When will my new Medicare Card arrive?

CMS is issuing you a new Medicare Card with a new Medicare Number that’s unique to you, replacing your Social Security Number. When will you receive it?

75 Kids Do Real-Life Math at GHB

This was the first year GHB Insurance participated in the popular Math for Life program. Over the two weeks, about 75 students came into our business to learn about how math works in the insurance world, specifically at our office.

GHB Discusses Healthcare Solutions with Congress

GHB is excited to provide an update on Casey Meehan’s recent trip to our nation’s capital and the points of healthcare discussion with the offices of U.S. Congress members.