Dental plans that make you smile

Everyone loves to go to the dentist! The sound of the drill, stern reminders to floss, and don’t forget the free toothpaste samples. Dental hygiene is fun, but paying for it can be pesky. We offer a number of dental programs, through four different carriers. These plans are “freestanding”, meaning you do not need to enroll for other coverage to join. If you enroll in a medical plan (see individual medical), you may be eligible to enroll for that carrier’s dental program.

Vision – Set your sights on an affordable Individual vision plan.

Eye care benefits aren’t just for vision correction. In fact, an eye exam can detect conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure, years before symptoms emerge—which could equal major healthcare savings.

We work with the following companies for dental and vision coverage:

    • Delta Dental
    • Cigna
    • VSP Vision Care
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