Can someone please explain what is going on with our Health Care?

Our clients are our number one priority.  That’s why we go to such great lengths to advocate for Washingtonians, whether it be participating on Premera’s Producer Advisory Council, or protecting the consumer’s (your) future by getting in front of lawmakers and relaying the client experience and how it will be affected by key pieces of legislation.  GHB has a team that is passionate about stabilizing Washington’s individual insurance market while delivering the best possible experience to the end user, you!

GHB is a full service Agency – meaning we are here to help you year round – not just during Open Enrollment.  Services we provide:

  • Health plan recommendation and selection
  • Billing reconciliation and support
  • Claims reconciliation and support
  • Troubleshoot application issues with the Healthplanfinder
  • File and assist in resolution of Healthplanfinder trouble tickets
  • Year-round updates – address changes, income changes other household changes
  • Legislative updates
  • Carrier filings and market decisions

Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) is still the law of the land.  Meaning, any lawfully present or US citizens are required to carry compliant health insurance.  Obamacare-compliant coverage is major medical health insurance that conforms to the regulations set forth by the Affordable Care Act.  These qualified health plans provide coverage for essential benefits and follow established cost-sharing provisions like out-of-pocket maximums and deductibles.

There are many ways to have compliant coverage, whether it be through an employer, a government program like Medicare, Medicaid or TRICARE and of course purchasing your own coverage either through a health insurance marketplace or directly from a carrier.  At GHB, we specialize in the private market.  We are an Independent Broker, meaning we can shop all your options inside and outside the state exchange.

Resources and Telemedicine

Speak to a Doctor.  Anytime, anywhere.

AllyHealth members get discounts on out-of-pocket prescription drug purchases, medical bill negotiation services, and access to AllyHealth’s telemedicine service without having to pay a consultation fee.

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