Ensuring our clients live free of

“what if” since 1927!

Integrity.  Community.  Technology.

We take pride in building relationships with our clients and community that are based on honesty, integrity and a commitment to excellence.

What is our Purpose?

We operate by a single mantra – at GHB Insurance we aim to have our clients live free of “what if”.  We recognize that every client has different needs and goals and that’s why we’ve positioned ourselves so that we’re able to provide tailored solutions to your biggest sticking points.

If Insurance seems like a foreign language to you, we’re the locals that can translate

What if your business is sued, has property damage, or is hacked? What if you’re an individual wading through auto insurance options? What if health insurance sounds like a foreign language to you?

What we do

We are a large dynamic insurance broker that provides the most competitive options to our clients, helping them make the best decisions for their families or business.  As a Broker we are not captive to a single insurance company – we are contracted with multiple carriers, therefore able to shop and present our clients with an array of options.

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