Slice Thousands of Dollars Off Your Huge Medical Bills

by Barb Walker, GHB Employee Benefits Agent

Experts tell me that more than 90% of medical bills have savings opportunities somewhere in them. The trouble is that for most people, it can be difficult to know where to find them.

At GHB, we know medical care can be expensive, confusing and at times, shocking. As your insurance broker, I can help review your claims and explain how your benefits work best for you but I can’t negotiate with providers to lower your costs.

But hold on, there are health care advocates who can help you find thousands of dollars in savings. They know where to look.

Often, those savings come from simple errors in medical billing. The American Medical Association estimates that more than 7% of paid claims in 2013 had errors. Another study in 2014 found that number to be in 49% of Medicare claims. Health care advocates that review bills for patients put the error rate much, much higher at 75 or 80%.

Those health care advocates are real pros who can analyze your medical bills, negotiate with hospitals, and often drastically lower your expenses. Why wouldn’t you want someone to simplify your healthcare expenses and make it easier for you to get them under control?

If you end up with healthcare expenses that make you feel like a Dawg chasing your tail, check out our friends at copatient. They were featured on ABC Evening News recently and showed how they saved a family $30,000! The show also provides tips so you can look for the savings yourself.

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