Individual Medical, Life & Medicare Team

David CrossBio

Year I started in the industry: Licensed in 2018. My family has been in the industry…since forever!
Favorite sports team: Seahawks/Sounders/Kraken
Favorite food: Pizza
Favorite hobby: Reading/Glamping
Favorite animal: Dogs – Specifically my English Bulldog Hettie Mae!

Individual Medical Specialist
Direct Phone: 360.352.1971
Direct Fax: 564.999.5693

Brad EdgbertBio

Year I started in the industry: 2014
Favorite sports team: Seahawks, SF Giants
Favorite food: Eagan’s Burger
Favorite hobby: Hiking or hanging with grandkids!
Favorite animal: Otter (playful no matter the age!)

Medicare Consultant
Direct Phone: 360.915.5415
Mobile: 360.972.4468
Direct Fax: 564.999.5712

Heidi HeikkalaBio

In her spare time, Heidi spends her time driving her kids around to Beach Volleyball tournaments or chipping away at home projects. Having goats, dogs, chickens and a few acres of land to manage equates to a long to-do list, but she enjoys every minute of it.

Heidi Heikkala is a Redmond native and started her first business as a Professional Organizer prior to stepping into the insurance world. But once she began her journey as an Employee Benefits Specialist there was no turning back.
Heidi has over 15 year experience in helping with Employee benefits and individuals with their Medicare needs and is excited to see what the next 15 will bring.

Benefits Consultant
Direct Phone: 425.953.4395
Fax: 360.943.4502

Holly MichaudBio

Year I started in the industry: 1992
Favorite sports team: Hawks!
Favorite food: Fruit
Favorite hobby: Gardening, fish tanks and crafting
Favorite animal: My cat, Arwen!

Individual Consultant & Client Service Manager
Direct Phone: 360.507.8713
Direct Fax: 564.999.5697

Patty PerkinsBio

Year I started in the industry: 2011
Favorite sports team – Seattle Seahawks
Favorite food: Sushi
Favorite hobby: Gardening
Favorite animal: My dog, Nala!

Administrative Assistant
Office: 360.943.4500
Direct Fax: 564.999.5704

Marni RitchieBio

Year I started in the industry: 1995
Favorite sports team: I really don’t watch sports but loved the Seattle Sonics back in the day!
Favorite food: Italian
Favorite hobby: Travel
Favorite animal: Giraffe

Medicare Consultant
Direct Phone: 360.943.4501
Direct Fax: 564.999.5709

Karla StevensBio

Year I started in the industry: 2002 but with GHB for 15 years
Favorite sports team: Seattle Seahawks…is there any other?
Favorite food: Hamburgers. I could eat a hamburger every day and especially like the ones at great restaurants!
Favorite hobby: Gardening, golfing, traveling to the US National parks…love the scenery in this great country!
Favorite animal: My dog, Sophie…of course!

Individual & Medicare Consultant
Office: 360.943.4500
Mobile: 206.310.2543
Direct Fax: 564.999.5711

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