Individual Medical, Life & Medicare Team

Jan L. Cammack Bio

The hippest grandma in the insurance industry, Jan has a Blackberry and will use it. Armed with her Blackberry and over 25 years of experience, Jan can lock up an insurance deal for you faster than you can text “GHB is #1.”

• Holds the CSA (Certified Senior Advisor) designation
• 2014 Board President, South Sound Association of Health Underwriters
• 25 Years in the insurance industry, licensed and selling Medicare Supplement and Individual products since 1998

Medicare Consultant
office: 360.943.4500
fax: 360.943.4502

Brad Edgbert Bio

Brad, the newest member to our Medicare Team, is our resident “preacher-man”. While he is relatively new to the insurance industry (coming onboard with GHB in 2014) he brings to his clients over 35 years of pastoral experience. He enjoys people and has learned to truly listen to their insurance needs. When he says, “You can trust me to not sell you something that doesn’t work for you”, you really can trust him. When asked about his career as an insurance agent he says, “I don’t sell insurance; I educate people about the complexities of the Medicare system and assist them in getting coverage that makes sense.”
When Brad isn’t meeting with Medicare clients, you can find him restoring vintage automobiles, or backpacking the Pacific Crest Trail.

Medicare Consultant
office: 360.943.4500
mobile: 360.972.4468
fax: 360.943.4502

Holly Michaud Bio

After hours Holly is a crazed football mom and an aspiring novelist. But from 9 to 5 she’s a real-life heroine, conquering our client’s claims problems and slashing the insurance monster. Brandishing her pen, she cuts a clear path to the solution.

• More than 20 years in insurance benefits
• More than 6 years background in COBRA coverage
• 3 years in Human Resources/Payroll

Individual Consultant & Client Service Manager
office: 360.943.4500
fax: 360.913.4502

Karla Stevens Bio

Karla is a Martha Stewart fan and she packs the fastest glue gun in the West. In the insurance business it’s good to have someone creative on your side. Karla knows the product and protocol, but will think outside the box to find innovative ways to protect what you’ve got.

• 10+ years in the voluntary product industry
• Director, Northwest Referral Network
• Notary Public

Individual & Medicare Consultant
office: 360.943.4500
mobile: 206.310.2543
fax: 360.943.4502

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